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"Safety and security don't just happen,   they are the result of collective consensus and public investment."

- Nelson Mandela

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Global Guardian Group understands that different situations call for different approaches. We realize that our clients’ needs are varied. You may need to go for armed security personnel or simply to with unarmed security officers; whatever the case, you can rest assured that our people are highly trained and experienced to handle any situations that present themselves.

Should you wish to go for our armed security service, you can rest assured and be at rest that our people know their business and you and your assets are 100% protected when you hire our service. Our security staff is fully licensed and insured to perform to the full extent of the law. Global Guardian Group understands your need for security and providing it is our satisfaction.

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Global Guardian Group understands there are occasions when there is a need for even more stringent security detail. An occasion where an executive or VIP needs security and protection requires service with the highest levels of training, and at Global Guardian Group, we have an executive protection service specifically created for this need.


Our personnel handling this specialized service are uniquely trained to handle the complex and technical know-how required to deploy this type of security protocol. We ensure that our executive security officers go through tough and special training to handle emergencies like dangerous driving, logistics, crisis management, and anti-terrorism strategy in case such situations present itself. We understand the threat posed by terrorism in our world today and the need to protect VIPs has never been more pronounced than now.


We provide top-quality security for local and international dignitaries, celebrities, politicians, and other VIPs from kidnappings, assassination, assault, and any danger that might be imminent in their vicinity. Global Guardian Group also has fully licensed investigators who can carry out undercover espionage operations using state-of-the-art equipment.


Our highly trained personnel can help you in handling issues like suspected drug abuse at work or at home, burglary, employee theft, cases of stalking, corporate espionage, and private investigations into suspected criminal activities. If what you require is beyond us, we have a wide range of contacts we can leverage on to provide you with a solution to your request.



Global Guardian Group also provides personal bodyguard services to clients who need an extra layer of body security. We have the best personnel in this area, and we ensure our people are well-trained to function in their full capacity to provide you and your loved ones with absolute protection 24/7.

Our bodyguard service is guaranteed to protect you from assault and bodily harm and is perfect for celebrities, sportspersons, politicians, VIPs, and executive heads who need body protection from the exposure they receive from the public often. Global Guardian Group fully understands what you need and how you need it, so we have something for everyone. When you hire our service, be rest assured you will enjoy the best bodyguard security who have your best interest at heart.



Global Guardian Group, as a renowned security service with a wide range of security services, offers event security services as part of our portfolio services. Do you have an event you plan to hold but your worry is how secure the location is or how you can go about protecting the property and the people gracing the event? Global Guardian Group can provide you with the answers you seek. We provide security services for different kinds of events. We offer crowd and car park control service, pet control, and personnel access control in important areas of the event center. 

We understand how quickly situations can get out of hand in a crowded environment if security is lax or left to chance. When we handle your event security, we deploy security personnel who have the experience and training for such situations and who can coordinate with government law enforcement units to ensure a secure event arena. 

Global Guardian Group handles events like red carpet shows, sports events, music celebrity tours, concerts, award events, charity balls, product launches, corporate events, private parties, societal weddings and burials, political events, and others.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Peace of Mind with Global Guardian Group

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