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"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

- Albert Einstein

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Global Guardian Group has well-trained professionals who can handle the most intricate investigations and surveillance wherever you want it. Our intelligence services are top notch and you can be certain that we will keep your information with us. We value your confidentiality and trust in our service and will do nothing that will put you at risk when we work for you. Our operators are fully licensed private investigators who know the rules of the game. If you have a person or group of persons you need under surveillance or investigation, Global Guardian Group will give you the best results while protecting your identity and information.

Our investigation services have been proven to be very effective as we have a long line of past, satisfied clients in our portfolio. When Global Guardian Group handles an investigation for you, positive results are bound to be the end product.

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Fraud is something that happens now and then in organizations and corporate establishments. Global Guardian Group understands this and has provided a service specially dedicated to investigating fraud cases for clients. We are experienced at handling intricate fraud investigations that have proven difficult to trace. Our fraud investigation agents are licensed and offer the best results when you have a fraud issue in your organization or in your personal life.

Global Guardian Group has the resources at its disposal to follow up and investigate fraud cases while keeping your confidentiality intact. We investigate the identity, behavior, lifestyle, relationships, hangout spots, and spouses of the suspects involved. We also run a background check on their life history to check for incidents of criminal activities or drug abuse. Global Guardian Group does whatever it will take within the full extent of the law to provide you with a solution when you need a fraud case investigated for you.

We have the equipment and highly trained personnel in information gathering, surveillance research, and forensics to give you the answer to the riddle when you have a fraud case that needs to be investigated.



At Global Guardian Group, our security staff is trained in providing background checks and investigative services for clients. There is a need to know the background and history of certain people like staff, colleagues, business partners, etc. This is a security measure that shouldn’t be underrated especially in employment or when dealing with suspicious business partners. We have trained personnel who can carry out covert surveillance and intelligence on the subject without them suspecting a thing. We are well-versed in handling background check services, and with us, you are sure of turning up good results.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Peace of Mind with Global Guardian Group

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