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Global Guardian Group is a veteran-owned and operated security service that was specifically created with the aim of filling the void in the security and investigation industry.


Our personalized security services are tailored to meet the demands and needs of our clients, whatever they may be. We believe we have the best people to handle any security situation that presents itself.



Our mission is to provide our esteemed and loyal customers with the highest level of security and investigative services by demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, and a heightened sense of judgment while building on a culture of service excellence.

Global Guardian Group understands the need to offer our clients satisfaction in security while keeping in touch with the ever-changing technologies in our world today so as to stay competitive in an industry that demands excellence.

We will continuously strive to carry out research and development on more effective security techniques and stay up to date with the latest security equipment to ensure the best security service delivery always. We plan to always improve the quality of our security services by training and updates on both personnel and equipment to help our service delivery process.


We are a full-service security and investigation agency, bonded, licensed, and fully insured to operate as a security and investigative service. With over 100 years of combined experience in law enforcement, security, and military background.

Our services are customized to meet our customers at the point of their needs. We have a number of security services that target a client’s request specifically to provide them with an effective solution. Global Guardian Group protects and promotes the security of its clients through investigations, detection, prevention, integration, and dissemination. With decades of experience, Global Guardian Group will provide you with what others in the security service industry can only promise.

Our passion and commitment to excellence, efficiency, and industry are second to none and have earned us the trust, satisfaction, and loyalty of all clients we have ever worked for. Our passion and commitment to service sets us miles apart from our competitors and aligns us smoothly with our clients both potential and current ones.



Being unprepared in terms of security is your biggest liability, but in this industry, you can let us create a safety and security plan that ensures the prevention and protection of you and your assets. We understand what complete security means and we strive to prove it for you in any form you want it.

Our services span a whole range of simple to advanced security protocols. We offer security officers for private security, bodyguard protection service, exclusive security services, security monitoring, and advanced intelligence services.

Global Guardian Group also offers one of the best private investigation services. We help you monitor, observe, track and gain intelligence on anybody or anything of your preference. We investigate all manner of subjects like business partners, spouses, employees, relatives, witnesses, lovers, and any other person or activities you need information on.


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