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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." 

- Benjamin Franklin

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Global Guardian Group also delivers top quality security services to commercial and residential buildings. If you have a property, commercial, and residential that requires security protection, we have the right personnel to handle this task for you. We have security officers who can mount patrol, manage your roadway, and guard your property against trespassers and burglars whom may want to wreak havoc on your property for reasons best known to them.

Global Guardian understands that a residential deserves to be a place where you will feel at peace. A place where you will feel secure, protected and at truly at home. With this in mind, we help clients secure their homes by offering our residential security service. We offer a professional home security service on any type of building. We handle multi-family apartment blocks, condos, private residences, and any other building type. We provide door and gate manning services, concierge services, patrol services, parking security services, and deterrent patrol services to keep trespassers, burglars, and other unwanted third parties at bay.

We understand what safety and peace of mind mean to you and we make a concerted effort to make sure we deliver this always when you use our service. You can contact Global Guardian Group today for your commercial and residential security.



Global Guardian Group helps organizations to manage and enforce security by providing a safe environment for staff and customers. A safe environment can increase productivity; when your employees are aware there is no threat facing them in their place of work, they are more likely to put in their best to give you an excellent service.

We are known for providing answers to unexplainable issues in business, mitigating incidents of threat, and protecting staff from abuse from customers and other foreign elements. We also carry out surveillance on suspected employees whom may be committing fraudulent acts at work. To do this, we either go undercover or employ security gadgetry like image and video imagery techniques and CCTV to draw them out or catch them red-handed in the act. Our investigative officers carry out detailed background checks on suspects to locate evidence of a crime or criminal history or intent in their life. These investigative security protocols have yielded results in the repeatedly for us, and we have a proven record of getting good results when we deploy all our resources to find out what the challenge is in a work environment.



Global Guardian Group has an effective security solution for construction areas. It includes the provisioning of security alarm systems, burglar alarms, access restriction systems, fire watch services, alarms, and image and video surveillance systems to secure your construction site from internal and external threats. We understand that security is important in a construction area because anything can easily happen if a construction site is left unguarded. There have been cases where internal theft and sabotage were discovered after investigations were called in on a constructed site that earlier ignored the importance of security.

Our professional security experts will help you protect your workers, resources, cargo, machinery and equipment, and the construction site itself. We help you secure your investment better when we work for you. We use the latest technology and strategies to follow up and monitor activities going on your site while giving you feedback on information that you need to know.



At Global Guardian, we are aware that security has a wide meaning and could be affected by a number of different factors. Fire is a security risk that many people ignore, but we offer a service to mitigate the risks of fire outbreaks and also provide measures to combat it in case there one occurs. Our security services personnel are trained on how to manage fires if there is a breakout. When you hire our personnel for fire watch duty, the first point of duty they carry out is to get the generated layout of your property and the fire exit points in case of an emergency. The next action plan is to check out the location by conducting a timed patrol looking out for red signals and logging into the fire watch log every hour to as required by the fire service marshal. 

In the event of a fire outbreak, our security personnel is to attempt to extinguish the fire if it us containable with a portable fire extinguisher but if that effort doesn’t work, contacting the fire service marshal while logging in the development in the fire watch book for subsequent review during post-fire investigations by the fire service marshal and other relevant authorities. We offer fire watch services for business establishments, parks, hotels, hospitals, theatres, stadia, nursing centers, schools, factories, concert arenas, malls, clubs, stores, supermarkets, offices, and residential buildings.



Global Guardian Group also provides a loss prevention service to ensure you don’t suffer any loss of property, assets, or valuables. We understand you may have property or assets that need protection and we use our advanced equipment and applications to help you prevent unnecessary losses and or locate them using GPS tracking technology among others. We offer and manage security technology solutions like image and video capturing, car tracking, phone tracking, GPS location tracking, GPS geofencing, and QR coding.

Even when you suffer a loss by misplacing an item or valuable, we can help you locate them once we have the exact information we need to proceed immediately. If your company or organization is experiencing unexplained and untraceable losses, Global Guardian Group has the resources and manpower to put a stop to this plague. We have a special unit dedicated to helping organizations reduce incidences of losses. Sometimes we deploy under-cover agents to infiltrate the teams in your organization or interview employees using psychological techniques that reveal the suspects. We have good technology, using CCTV to monitor and check for anomalies in the work environment.



Global Guardian Group is experienced in providing different forms of security services. Also in our portfolio, we offer security consultancy services to clients who need guidance and support in areas concerning security protocol, equipment, and personnel. We have highly trained people who have a police or military background with specialized training in security and intelligence that can offer you the best security consultancy that you will ever need. If you need this service, Global Guardian Security Group is the way to go for it.

We have the skills, the experience, the resources, the personnel, and the reputation for stellar excellence in every form of security, so you have a guarantee of getting exactly what you seek when we work as your security consultant.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Peace of Mind with Global Guardian Group

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